About Us

Travel along the R316 through the picturesque Overberg in the Western Cape and experience cruising through a classic landscape painting.

Some twenty minutes from the most southern tip of Africa at Agulhas, you will enter the quaint town, Bredasdorp. Don't be fooled to expect only antiques and historic things!

On 24C Du Preez street, Bredasdorp,you will find the vibrant and modern salon, one of the best salons serving the 15000-strong population (1 salon for 1000 heads). With your first step through the door, you're greeted by an inspired retro feel evoking the varied tastes of the mother-daughter team that forms our salon.

This dynamic duo represented the country in prestigious hair conferences and shows held in thrilling and inspiring locations like Rio, Brazil, L.A, Berlin, Helsinki, Milano, Austria, Russia, Australia, Thailand and Hongkong. Both these inspiring ladies received Springbok colours and you can be assured of specialist treatment and advice.

We have lots of talent and eagerly await to fulfill your hair dreams. Hop in your wheels and treat yourself to visit to our salon in Bredasdorp!

Why choose Studio Michelle

  • Strong, Dynamic Team
  • Professional
  • Provides a large amount of services
  • Loves working with people
  • Always helpful
  • Keep up to date with latest trends




  • Berlin Hair World 2000
  • Peter Stuyvesant hair and makeup shoot 2002
  • International Elumen Award 2003
  • Compete Milano world championship 2004
  • Training in Vien with world champ Manfred 2004
  • Winner of Western Cape South Africa Apprentices 2004
  • Springbok Hairdresser for South-Africa 2004 and 2005
  • EOHCB winner in Gents haircut 2004
  • Winner of Western Cape South Africa Apprentices 2005
  • Berlin Hair World 2000
  • Compete DNA Goldwell collection 2005
  • World Skill South Africa Team 2004-2005
  • World Skill South Africa Team 2004-2005
  • Compete Helsinki world skills 2005 came second in the world
  • Participation Intercoiffure African Dream Production 2005
  • Moscow Hair World 2006
  • Training in Bangkok 2014
  • Training in Hongkong 2014